The Simplest Way To Be ‘‘ATTENTIVE’’

Abdul Hay
2 min readOct 8, 2019
Great attentive man….

You can start that journey now to bring about positive change in life. Remembrance of any bitter experience of the past, no more worrying about the future.

1. Sit comfortably on a chair. You can sit on the floor with two legs folded. But it should be comfortable, and the spine should be straight.

2. Notice how the breathing is going. The air is coming out of your nostrils or through your mouth. Feel the matter. Or notice abdominal movements as a result of breathing.

3. In this way, slowly reduce your attention span. Try to focus your attention at a single center. Become aware of sound, sensitivity and thinking.

4. Enjoy every thought or feeling of touch. Good or bad — don’t settle for this. Even then, if your mind becomes restless, consider breathing again. Focus again.

You can meditate when you are eating, or bathing, walking, or spending time intimate with a loved one, or playing with a child. In this case-

  • Pay attention to the different emotions of the body.
  • Take a long breath through the nose, so that your bottom is completely filled with air. Then slowly let the air out through the mouth. Enjoy the sense of touch that is felt in the nostrils and mouth during breathing and exhalation.
  • Breathe slowly and then exhale the stomach completely and exhale.
  • Be fully aware. Pay close attention to each word, sight and touch. Enjoy
  • If you get scared, your mind is running again and again, then slowly notice the feeling of the moment.
    Keep practicing this way. And one day discover what has not changed your life positively. Body and mind have become healthy and strong. Joyfulness has been your partner.
    Source: Harvard Medical School



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